Hey, I’m not dead!

8 12 2012

Though I came close this week, given a horrifying bout of Whathefuckery/flu/sore throat.  

I am making it a New Year’s Resolution to post more, though.  So tune in for 2013 for my continuing adventures in reading and teaching.  




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25 12 2012
The Amazon River of Consciousness

Dead mofos, not quite

25 10 2013

I just re-read your Jezebel scary story. I just want to know: did this REALLY happen? Were doors Really blowing up & slamming shut, over & over again as windows shook in their sockets? It’s a Very Scary story. My theory is that it’s the Devil who caused or that, or short of that: a Very Evil man who once lived & brought Hideous misery to an Innocent & Vulnerable family. I Hope your story is real, because, well…I mean, I can Admire a Skilled writer who can bring out the shivers in people, but….a Real Story can be told just as Skillfully as a Fake One, I dare say. In all Honesty, your story Reeks of Authenticity – BUT – it’ s just so Damn Fantastical, too!!! Maybe none of that matters. You shared a story of Good (Your family & you) and Evil (that Ghostly Truck, the Terrible things Within & the story of that poor, sad, Far Less fortunate family who were tortured, raped & killed). In the end, what matters is that the Evil was not able to do anything more (or Less) than scare you all terribly. But, the evil was Not Re-Enacted (if your Last theory, the man who tortured & raped that poor family is correct). I Hate that there is evil in the world – but there’s no denying that Evil holds a Fascination for everyone, pretty much. That’s Terrible to admit. I do Not take pleasure in innocent people being harmed. I’m not a psychopath. But, w/o evil, where would a story like yours come from, if the world only had good within it? Your story is the Perfect one to tell around a campfire or in a kitchen at night w/some friends. Shudder at the Evil, knowing it happened, If it happened, to other, unknown people. We all like the Chills, or Jezebel wouldn’t have that Scary Stories deal they do every Halloween. It’s Very SAD, though, to think of that long ago family held hostage by a Hideously, Monstrously CRUEL mad man. I read about a serial killer, I think it was John Wayne Gacy, perhaps. One of his victims (one of the few, if the ONLY one who got away), begging this monster to just, please KILL him already, (because, of course, he couldn’t take Gacy’s Horror anymore). And Gacy sort of laughed & said: “I’m getting round to it”. Or words to that effect. And so, even while I LOVE getting the chills (from a Safe Distance) and even while I LOVE ghost stories, the Evil behind many fo them (including Yours) is just so awful & I Deplore my own Fascination w/such Terrible Things. I feel So Bad for that family who was raped & tortured. I just think it must be the Loneliest feeling in the world (besides the Sheer, Insane TERROR one must feel) to be in that situation of not being able to extricate one’s self from the hands of a Maniac. So LONELY. No Calvary (nor even Good Cousin) coming to rescue you. And knowing you are just a Thing being used for some Monster’s Sadistic Pleasure. Is that not the most Hideously LONELY thing EVER to Experience? Humans are meant to Help each Other, but when you are alone w/a madman, Where is the help THEN????

25 10 2013

PS: Sorry for all the spelling errors & such!

26 03 2014

Um…where the hell have you guys gone? I’ve just discovered you, only to see you’ve effectively you petered out in 2012? If you’ve moved to other digs, can you crumb the way? It’s cold here.
Damn it,

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