Sweet Furry Muppets

24 01 2012

Apparently, guys and dolls, I share myblog name with a terrifying puppet company:


Did you know it’s a “family puppet experience like no other?”

What the fuck does that even mean?!  You really want to subject your kids to this acid trip:

Her face is just epic.

“What fresh hell IS THIS?”

Now, when I was a kid, we had Billy Bob’s Pizza Palace of Hepatitis.  At least, that’s what I think it was called.  It was a toothless white trash bear and his army of hobo friends.  In retrospect, I believe they were all raising funds to build a meth lab.



7 responses

24 01 2012
Captain Mooseheart

How did I miss this when I was a kid in the same place you were a kid?

It’s like a sketchy Chuck E Cheese crossed with the Country Bear Jamboree.

24 01 2012
Sorcia MacNasty

You know what, I think it was while we were in Chicago, actually. That single year in the midwest scarred me for life. The anthropomorphic hillbilly bear didn’t help. Mike had the stuffed animals, though, for YEARS.

25 01 2012

Aren’t those muppet fuckers committing some kind of copyright infringement, or some such shit, using your name?
I never went to one of those places as a kid (or since, I admit it); we did not have the kind of privileged upbringing that scars you for life with stuffed animals.
We were more in danger of being scarred by real animals.
True story.

25 01 2012
Sorcia MacNasty

I wish the Jim Henson estate would seriously sue them out of business. SO CREEPY.

25 01 2012
Anna Gray

I clicked on the link and what has been cannot be unseen.

Help. me. pleeeeeeease….

25 01 2012
Sorcia MacNasty


25 01 2012
Anna Gray

Also I think I’m getting stupider because I keep leaving out words in all of the things.

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